Rio Branco Antbird

The bird species of Rio Branco Antbird is found in Roraima (Brazil) and Guyana. It has its natural habitat as subtropical, tropical lowland moist forests and tropical moist shrubland. It is severely threatened by habitual loss; it was listed on the IUCN Red List in 2008 as near threatened bird species. Birdlife assessed it as ‘Critically Endangered’ in 2012. It says if deforestation continues at its current pace, the species would go extinct just in twenty years. Rio Branco Antbird, an endemic to Brazil, in the northern state Roraima. But it has recently found adjacent to Guyana, along the Ireng River. This species is considered vulnerable and globally threatened. But recently it has been re-listed in the Near Threatened list, which was proved to be more widespread in the last decade. They grow 14 to 15.5 centimeters. Male birds are Black, their eggs are white. They make loud sounds consisting short buzzy, longer and clearer note. They feed on insects, Orthopterans and also spiders. This species has a moderately small population, due to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest basin predicts its population is rapidly declining and in the next three generation it might go extinct.