Scarlet Macaw

The Scarlet Macaw can be found in the trees of tropical evergreen forests that are patchy. They are the largest parrots globally and its entire body is more than thirty-three inches. It has a creamy white, featherless face including red plumage covers its body, wings, and the long tail. Scarlet Macaw is a large South American parrot, commonly found in Red, Yellow and Blue colors. These birds are native to humid and evergreen forests of South America. These birds are ranges from South Eastern Mexico to the Amazon, Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Brazil. These birds have been through local extinction through habitual destruction and captured by the human for parrot trade. It is the national bird of Honduras. Scarlet Macaws are about 81 centimeters (32 inches) long. They have a larger percentage of tails than other macaws. They weigh 1 kilogram (2.2lb) averagely. Their plumage is mostly scarlet but their tail and rump-covert feathers are light blue, their upper-wing coverts are yellow, the upper sides of the sides of the feathers of the wings are dark blue, these are the flight feathers are used to fly. It can be sighted alone or with a pair in the forest canopy, however, it can be seen as flocks in some areas. They communicate with raucous honks, and captive macaws are known to adopt the mimics of the human speech. They feed on fruits, nuts, and seeds. They choose and live with one partner, and the hen lays and incubates the eggs.